SNAFU family: A Stupid Introduction

We're idiots.

And I don't mean that in the cute, quasi-self-deprecatory equivalent of "we're quirky/free-spirited/loopy" or the way someone says "Oh my God, I'm so OCD" just because they aren't a total slob.

No, I mean it when I say that all of us here at SNAFU family are actually pretty dumb --no strings or exceptions. That's why we're in bands. We know we're never going to be famous, we don't have some grand notion about our "art" affecting people. Making music just gets us pumped so we're chasing that thrill in the simplest way we can; by gunning it. Like a dog fetching a ball... or whatever. Basically, we think rock tunes are real rad so we're putting out a bunch of them with our friends. And gotdammit do we have some cool friends. More on them later.

SNAFU family was born from mistakes. We all started playing in bands in high school and since then all we've done is play our role in a series of fuck ups that have cost our bands time, money, and energy.

That brings us to where we are today; still tripping over ourselves here and there, but we've got a better handle on how to get a few things done. We've learned how to do shit our own way and have helped develop a community of bands we love. We don't know much but we can write tunes, record 'em, make merch, book tours, and get loaded so we're going to keep making our goofy little blunders and get our kicks along the way.

Consider this an invitation to join us. If you're having a problem getting your music thing going, let us know and we'll help. And if we don't know how to help, we'll sit down with you, have a few beers, and try to figure something out. Let us know. Or don't. Whatever. Happy 2017.

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