What the fuck is going on?

Things have been fairly quiet around SNAFU HQ lately. But consider this the calm before the storm, er... consider it the calm before the big glob of pizza foam that hits dangerously close to your shoe --or your dad. Over the next few days, I'll be making some announcements about where you can kick it with your favorite degenerates. So what exactly is happening?

--Muhfuggin Gremfest--

May 10 = St. James Infirmary- Music Industry Night: Gremfest Takeover

May 11 = Lincoln Lounge- Gremfest pre-party and Ticket Sale Hangout feat. 3 bands (TBA)

May 12 = Gremfest Day 1 BBQ at 5/ Music at 7

May 13 = Gremfest Day 2 BBQ at 5/Music at 7

Damn near all your favorite SNAFU dummies will be here to drink beer, eat pizza, and hang the fuck out. The house hasn't been officially condemned yet so that means it's TOTALLY safe, just ask Cameron from Eugene Ugly.

While this is going to be the same loud, drunken party it always is, a few things have changed.

1. We're charging now. What do ya know, relying on Renoites to donate to touring bands isn't an efficient way to get bands the money necessary to travel here year after year, fuckin who knew?! So it's $5 per day or $8 for both and you get a rad button instead of a wristband to let everyone know "Hey, I'm actually supporting music instead of being a freeloading dicknose the way I was last year." Thanks to Spectre Records for churning out those hot buttons for us.

2. Food trucks. I've heard it's not 100% legal for food trucks to post up on the streets of residential areas but that doesn't make any sense to me so I'm going to ignore it. We've got the man, Spencer Shea, bringing his new Gastropub truck to feed all you hungry little boozehounds.

3. Promo! While Gremfest is still only 2 days, we're going to be mobbing around midtown slinging tickets (buttons) in the days leading up to the event. Catch us Wednesday, May 10th at St. James Infirmary for a Gremfest themed Music Industry Night hosted by the handsome Johnny Bailey and Greg Gilmore. Then we'll cooch-scoot over to Lincoln Lounge on Thursday night for a to-be-announced 3 band bill for the official Gremfest pre-party.

This has become my favorite event of the year because all my favorite bands meet each other and plan cool shit and all my best friends get to meet my favorite bands. This party celebrates the birth of Kelsey Garfinkle, Eric Smith, Spencer York, and Dennis Rodman. Rosalie Garfinkle made the poster.

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