What the fuck is going on? (pt. 2)

By now you've probably noticed our tendency to only work with the hottest of hot boys and lucky for you 6 of our hottest are hitting the road at the end of this month in the form of 2 of Northern California's nastiest blues bands.

BandMaster Ruckus and Shotgun Sawyer cruised through SNAFU HQ to cut a split EP a while ago. Now that tasty lil cud-muffin is finally going to see the light of day. Here are the dates for their mini tour.

---Why would I want to go to this shit?---

Short answer:

Because you've started to resent your girlfriend and any distraction is welcome.

Long Answer:

-Winters Tavern has become one of the best places to see up and coming acts on the West Coast. Since taking over the establishment, Sea Jay has made it a point to support the arts scene in any way he can, from booking shows, to providing a place for bands to crash, to getting performers nice and drunk after their sets. This relatively sleepy surf town can come alive in a way you wouldn't expect with a little rock music and a lot of booze so come get dumb with us.

-Never been to The Golden Bull but The Loose is one of the baddest rock bands in the bay right now. Also, their singer Matt does this awesome thing where if you're kinda drunk and want to use his car to go get food or race or something he totally just tosses you the keys, gives you a warm wink, and says "have at it, hoss." It's so sick.

-Nevada City is basically Grass Valley, right? Super scenic.

-"Oh, Chico is a super fun college party town!!!" Wrong, Chico's population is 45% college students and 55% homeless folk playing hacky sack and bothering the people at Jack In The Box. The only comforting thing about this place is it's in the State Of Jeff which means there aren't really any laws, especially if you can outrun the campus police they have on patrol (Hint: You can). Also, I'm pretty sure this Naked Lounge will give you multiple beers at a time, unlike those handsome ladies at the one in Sacramento. Anyway, we're going to have a whole bunch of fun. Whatever

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