What the fuck is going on? (pt. tre)

If the SNAFU family roster was Missy Elliott's career, The Loose would be prime time "Get Ur Freak On" era Missy. These boys are all certified triple threats (they sing, dance, and give good smooches), but most importantly of all they're releasing their new EP "Thick Fictions" tomorrow. While they had initially planned on "dropping it like it's hot" the way our lord and savior Snoop Dogg taught us, they've recently rethought their release strategy and decided to, in the words of bassist Drew Pummer, "drop it like it's luke-warm and thoroughly digested right on your fuckin chest, you filthy little minx."

You can cop your "Thick Fictions" tape right here on this website in the next few days or in person at The Golden Bull (Oakland) on April 21st where they'll be playing with SNAFU brethren Shotgun Sawyer, BandMaster Ruckus, and The Brankas. Don't live in the Bay Area? Well, then you must certainly live in Reno, am I right? Good, then you can snag it at Gremfest where Matt, Brent, and Drew will be playing May 12th.

At both of these shows you can expect the following:

1. More absolutely atrocious language being spewed from Pummer's potty mouth.

2. Driving rock and roll fronted by Matt Canter's honeycomb vocals that always seem moments away from becoming completely unhinged. Like a tube amp that's been pushed just hard enough to break up, that warmth is The Loose's wheelhouse.

3. New material.

4. A whole bunch of white guys... we're trying to work on that, honest, it's just hard... no one else likes us.

Anyway, cruise out to these shows and keep your eyes peeled for the next time The Loose play in your town, they're hitting the road at the end of May and the dates will be released real soon.

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